West Coast Institute for Secondary Education
Role Web & Graphic Design
Tools Photoshop, Illustrator, Muse
Location/Year Miami / 2018

WISE Purpose

WISE is a webpage created for students located in four West Coast States (Alaska, California, Oregon, and Washington), who are looking for a High School program. These students can be Middle Schools students or High School dropouts that are looking for a program that would help them reintegrate to their education.

Also friends and family can use the platform to sponsor someone that needs help financially. It could be someone you know or simply donate through the Institute. Support is offered throughout the page with contact forms, a sticky header with a phone number, and different CTA in every page.

Wise Webopage

The Logo

WISE's logo is based in an all-caps sans serif font. The first letter, the W, is italicized to represent to moving forward and to encourage to "take the step". The I is substituted by a symbol that represents a tassel from the graduation hat every student is wishing for.

The two colors used, a dark red and teal are opposite in the color wheel. They are looking to contrast, emphasize and to represent a serious institution.

The Website

Each state has its own page and place in the main navigation menu, and each one also has three links that will list and rank the top 10 online programs and the top 10 public high schools in each state. Also, there is a link to chat with students in the area when seeking peer advice.

The Home page also has three different links for general purposes. One for the top 10 online programs in the US, one for sponsoring and donating, and an extra button for a 24-hour support call center. Forms and different links to the 1800 number are strategically positioned throughout the header, footer, and landing pages.

Sponsor someone page


Since the target for Wise's Webpage is a young crowd (14-21) promotion through social media is essential. The site has links to WISE'S profiles for Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat.

Also, the promotion would be made throughout schools, mentors, and banners in the web targeted to pages these groups visit in each specific states.

WISE ad banner

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