Vivi Roque Photo

Freelance Photographer
Role Web Design | Graphic Design | Advertising
Tools Wix, Trello, Photoshop, Illustrator, Hootsuite.
Location/Year Miami, Fl / 2018

Who is Vivi Roque Photo

Viviana Roque is a freelance landscape and portrait photographer. She has more than 10 years of experience and had no presence on the Internet. I made a lift to her old logo, created a webpage in Wix, opened business social media accounts and created a fluid grid for her Instagram, also I created some collateral Graphic Design pieces.

Special attention and time were put in the web page's SEO and including it in the Google index. Automatic posting for Instagram is programmed for the next 21 posts with specific quotes and studied hashtags.

The Process

After the first meeting with the client, I created an estimate which included a list of the tasks to complete, with a brief description of each and the price. After the client agreed to it, I hired a lawyer to draft a creative services agreement that states the scope of the services I will render for my client, taking into consideration copyright laws, as well as hiring talent in the performance of the agreement. The agreement is subject to a fixed term and a fixed consideration and any additional services to be requested must be added and will be construed by the terms of the agreement.

To organize all the tasks to be done, several meetings with the client had to take place in a short period of time. Project management tools like Trello where used to create Sprints, set priorities, and keep track of the hours spent working, researching, and designing the whole project.

Vivi Roque Photo Landing Page

The Website and Packaging

To create the website, I chose Wix because it allowed me to create a fast and effective responsive web page, that will help costumers contact Vivi to schedule private shootings or to see some of her work. The basic point was to create different links that would take the viewer to visit Vivi's social media or to contact her through a form, call, or email. Also, Wix is very helpful for SEO strategies and guides you through the steps to get in the Google Index.

Packaging was also part of the requirements by the client. She needed a standard box and shopping bag that would showcase her brand identity, but at the same time, it would be easy to purchase in small quantities. That's why I created a packaging design based on stickers, that could brand any white box or bag.

Vivi Roque Photo Packaging

Vivi Roque Photo Open Box

Business Cards

I also designed a variety of business cards in a "mini Polaroid" photo size. They have different landscape photographs taken by Vivi. These would be placed inside the box when a portrait project is delivered and that way, the customer will have a mini foto as a souvenir.

As part of the business cards pack, a digital version that can be shared through WhatsApp, Airdrop, or text message was created. This card has contact and payment information.

Vivi Roque Photo Business Cards

Social Media

Vivi had a personal Instagram page where she shared some of her work. I used the same account and switched it to a business one. I designed an integrated layout that would showcase her photos in different formats and scheduled weekly individual posts with the help of Hootsuite.

As a result, Vivi Roque has now the ability to share her work easily with future clients. People interested in her services will be able to find her and hopefully, this will help her build a bigger network and make her work a little easier.

Vivi Roque Photo Social Media

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“Bertha was able to create in a short period of time a website that showcased my style and my work. I am very grateful that finally my social media looks professional and is creating engagement.”

Viviana Roque, Photographer

Vivi Roque Photo