The Real Tortilla

Mexican Corn Tortillas
Role Web, Graphic Design and Advertising
Tools Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Shopify.
Location/Year Miami / 2018

TRT Project

The Real Tortilla is a company that sells Mexican tortillas and salsas in Miami. They brag about being the only tortilla house in the city and the only ones who deliver fresh tortillas to your door. They also sell their products at small gourmet markets and to some Mexican restaurants.

The Real Tortilla logo was created by a team of students in Miami International School of Art and Design. They created the brand and the graphic logo. I designed the e-commerce site in Shopify, the packaging, took the product shoot and created all the social media profiles.

TRT Webpage

The packaging

The tortillas had to be delivered in a package that communicated the companies mission and statement. They want to position their tortillas as a high-end product and impress their clients. The challenge to make a packaging reflecting that and keeping it on a budget was not an easy job.

In the beginning, I designed a box that would contain the tortillas wrapped in a paper called "tortipap". This paper has a corn-icons pattern designed by me. Consumers were refrigerating the product in the box and this wasn't the best for freshness purposes. So I had to change it to a bag and a round sticker.

TRT Packaging

Social Media

I also created content for TRT Instagram account. The idea was to generate a series of 3 posts that were related to each other, like fun quotes, facts, recipes, and other. Some of thes posts were helpful in educating the consumer plus sometimes they were shared directly with customers that had related questions.

The Facebook account usually used the same content, but this was shared in local groups and marketplaces. Costumers communicated by Messenger and engagement was high. Sponsored ads where used using a target based on location and interests.

IG posts

IG 3 posts


To enter the retail market, big supermarket chains request a catalog with very specific information. All this data was ordered in charts for each product and laid out in a catalog that needed to be clear and well organized. This was very challenging because I had to take the photoshoots, edit the photos, organize de information and design the catalog.

I chose a vertical format that would have a page dedicated to each of the products. The catalog woouldn't be bound, but instead, it was held together by a ring, which I figured it would stand out from the piles of papers an executive goes through.

catalog Photo

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"The Real Tortilla site is very easy to navigate and understand. It is straight-forward and in just a few clicks you can buy what you need."

Rodrigo Perez, TRT Client

The Real Tortilla Social Media