Party Organizer for Moms
Role Web, Graphic, UI, and UX Design.
Tools Photoshop, Illustrator, Marvel App
Location/Year Miami / 2017

Who would use POM

POM (Party Organizer for Moms) is an app for event and party planning that will help moms organize their events in a simple, quick, and efficient way.

The target for this app are women who have small children and feel overwhealmed with the logistics of planning a birthday party or any other celebration.


The icon evolved several times but I always looked to communicate something fun, simple and childish. It started up as a birthday candle but I thought I birthday hat was less obvious but still aligned with the apps purpose. Yellow has always been related to feelings of happiness, sunshine, and joy so I thought it was perfect for this project.

I created some sketches by hand to get every screen organized and after I was satisfied with the result, I digitalized them and worked from there.


The App

Pom works as a directory where users can find a list of available suppliers with contact information, reviews, and ratings. Users and subscribed suppliers can upload photos of their events so other users can get a better view of the services that are offered.

Users can create lists of their favorite options, write notes, make phonecalls, and send emails directly from the app.

POM screens

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