Dispensario Médico Tonantzin

Nonprofit Medical Organization
Role Web and Graphic Design
Tools Wordpress, Illustrator, Photoshop
Location/Year Mexico / 2017

Tonatzin's Story

Dispensario Medica Tonantzin was founded in 1990 in a small town 2 hours from Mexico City called Valle de Bravo. Medica Tonantzin is a nonprofit organization created to provide health services and medical attention to the peasants and indigenous groups from the local communities around the municipality. The organization is run by her founder and a group of locals that help her with donations, organization, volunteering, and the administration; but no one has the time to put the necessary attention to the webpage or digital media.

I have been part of the board since 2013 and have been aware of the lack of information and the need to raise charitable donations. People don’t even know of the existence of this dispensary and medical clinic and the benefits the community can obtain from it. My purpose was to create a functional webpage that would target high-class benefactors and create a very clear Call To Action for donations.

Old vs New Logo

The Process

The director didn't want any adjustments to the logo. I proposed very small changes and a very subtle change of color, but still, she didn't agree. I decided to take a big risk and follow my instinct. A redesigned their logo and changed the blue shade they where using. I used this new color for all the icons, buttons, text, and highlights on the webpage. I also used the new version of the logo for my final proposal and showed it on a board meeting.

I thought I would just change the logo and the color if they didn't agree to it, but they liked it and I heard no complains. The information for the new webpage was obtained from the old version. It was reorganized and condensed for an easier view and scanning. Wordpress was the tool I chose to design this site because I had to work with big pieces of information and several pages and subpages.

Medica Tonantzin Website

"Su Médico Tonantzin" Program

Tonantzin is launching a new program for house workers. It is private insurance that employers would pay at a very convenient fee, as an extra employee benefit. A separate logo was created for the program "Su Médico Tonantzin". Since both brands will share marketing (digital and print) it is important they work together but at the same time do not compete between each other.

The main color blue is used in both brands, but in different shades; also a similar horizontal layout is present in both logos, and both use sans serif fonts. Marketing and promotion will consist in email blasts to a very specific database and fliers will be sent to private weekend homes.

SuMedico Tonantzin Poster and email

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“Dispensario Médico Tonantzin needs to capture benefactors atention in a way they will be persuaded to donate to a genuine non profit institution, with real values, and a big compromise with the community. Bertha was able to comunicate this through the design of our new webpage and the branding for our new program.”

Laura Marín, Médica Tonantzin Director