Landscaping and Greencare
Role Web & Graphic Design
Tools Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver
Location/Year Mexico City / 2017

Huatan and the Logo

Huatan is a Mexican Landscaping Design firm, concentrated on Greencare for public and private spaces in Mexico City. In the last few years, Huatan's name has gain popularity in the Architecture and Design scene. The need for a webpage and social media presence couldn't wait longer so Huatan reached out to me for help.

Huatan's old logo was confusing, hard to read, and had too many unclear elements. The company's owner was very confident about what he needed and we worked together so we could achieve a cleaner and more legible image. We ended up using some of the elements the logo originally had, but with a new color and with a cleaner look.

Website and Animated Ad

Huatan's clients typically reach out by phone or by email to obtain a quote or to ask for information; that is why Huatan's webpage purpose is to inform and to get in touch with clients by offering different links that will generate the action for the user. For example, the link will open a page with Huatan's social media, it will generate a phone call, an email, or it will allow the visitor to fill out a form. Also, some graphics and animations were created to use as ads in Google Adwords.

Webpage Mockup

Business Cards

The design for Huatan's business cards had to be appealing to the eye, but also reflect the organic and natural feeling of the companies mission.

The design was created in different shades of Huatan's green. These would be printed in seed paper so they can be plated in soil and grow a plant, a gift from Huatan to you.

Business Card

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“It was a great experience to work with Bertha. She understood my needs and was willing to implement my design ideas into her work.”

Daniel Gomez Bilbao, Huatan CEO