Event and Party Styler
Role Graphic Design and Advertising.
Tools Photoshop, Illustrator, Spark, Hootsuite.
Location/Year Miami / 2017

Who is Decorandoando Miami

Gabriela Sogbi is the creator of Decorandoando Miami. She has been in the business for several years and is well known for her excellence and dedication to each one of the events she creates. My job at Decorandoando is to manage her social media, especially Instagram, keep it up to date with photos of the current events and to create brand awareness in the very specific Miami target where she is already well known.

Decorandoando logo was created before I started working with them, I use it to water-mark some photos, and create some digital fliers. Also during certain seasons and events, I modify the logo to create a seasonal profile picture to set a mood.


Digital Fliers and Cards

The communication between Decorandoando and its clients is mainly by WhatsApp and texting. That's is why all the graphics are created digitally and shared electronically.

Since Instastories launched more informal posts happen from time to time, like "behind the scenes", Top 5 favorite flower arrangements, polls, etc.



The Instagram account is the biggest display an event planner could have. People like to comment and tag their friends. This is how brands like Decorandoando become very popular around certain groups at a specific location. Instagram posts are posted during the week in series of three. Some of the posts have multiple photos, others only one, depending on the theme, the event, and the quality and quantity of photos they provide me.

The time and the day of the week are also studied so the most engagement can be generated out of each post. I have promoted some of the events during specific times of the year, for example, May is always big in First Communions, so I sponsor some past events a couple of months before.


Instagram Profile

“I like how Bertha studies the competition and gets to know my target. She is always up to date and knows how to adapt it to my market. ”

Gabriela Sogbi, Decorandoando Miami Founder

Decorandoando Miami