3D Cubie

3D Printing App
Role Web & Graphic Design, UI, UX, User Testing
Tools Photoshop, Illustrator, Adobe Xd
Location/Year Miami / 2017

The Prototype

Click on the prototype to see how 3DCubie works.

3D Cubie

3D Cubie is an idea by Profesor Julio Falu with who I worked very close to create this app. 3D Cubie is a tablet app that would be used at print centers where the service of 3D printing is offered. The idea behind this project is to make 3D printing accessible to everyone.

The logo created by Professor Falu is based in the 3 primary colors and a cube which would be used throughout the design of the app to generate a color palette and icons that follow the same design line.

3D Cubbie Mockup

The Process

The first thing I had to design was a navigation tree and based on that, I created wireframes which at the end of the project would be every screen for the app.

The app was created for a horizontal tablet format, that way the screen area would be used in the best way and a slide menu could fit proportionally.

Wire Frames

The App

The biggest challenge when designing the app was maintaining the colors and the design style without losing the professional and real feeling. Using the primary colors can make things seem childish and imaginary, so the use of grays and neutral colors was the key to keep it down to earth.

The design of the icons was also a big challenge because a lot of design time and special attention to detail was required. All the icons needed to be from the same family so stroke thickness, curves, and style had to be aligned.


Advertising 3D Cubie has to be very specific. Ads, posters, and promotions should be showcased in every location where the service is offered. Images with different examples must be used to encourage new users to try the product.

These printed advertising and the showcase of 3D printers will persuade new users to inquire for information and ask for a full demostration.

3D Cubbie ad

User Testing

User Testing was a fundamental part of creating and implementing the 3DCubie app. Different platforms and methods where applied including video and observation.

The necessary corrections to the UI and UX where made so the app would flow more naturally in different age groups and demographics.