The Last diet of My Life

Personal Blog
Role Copywriting
Tools, Google Adwords, Facebook.
Location/Year Miami, Fl / 2017

The Blog

The Last Diet of my Life is a personal blog where I write my weight loss journey. I wrote different kind of posts where my intentions are to engage people like me and to create interesting readings about dieting. Some are serious and some are not, I used an informal voice to connect and engage with my readers.

I focused on writing catching titles and searching for actual trends, so my stories would be to date and catching for the dieting crowd. I tried to generate original content and some compilations from other blogs and digital magazines.

Last Diet of my Life Blog

Layout and Format

Throughout 28 posts, I used different browsable layouts based on bullet points and fast reading paragraphs. Many of them are lists and "top best" articles which are looking to generate quick engaging and sharing in social media.

The use of keywords was very important while writing the content. Google Adwords was the tool I used to find specific keywords related to the subject matter of my blog and used them throughout my posts trying to generate some organic SEO.

post and key words


Social Media is the best channel to promote this blog since it's format is mobile friendly the intentions of the sponsored ads would be to visit the blog in one click. These ads conversions will be reached when a viewer likes the page or clicks the CTA to visit the Website.

Every post has a share option so links would be generated by readers when they post to their personal profiles on Twitter, Facebook, and Google Plus.

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