About me

I am a Graphic and Web Designer.

My Studies

I (almost) have two bachelor degrees, one in 2003 and I will graduate from my second college experience next June in 2019. The first time I studied Graphic Design was in Mexico City (Universidad Iberoamericana) and my second bachelor has a concentration in Web Design from the Art Institute in Miami Florida.

Some other courses and associates degrees: Risd, Boston, BMFA, Art Therapy, Interior Design, Sculpture, etc.

My Experience

As a Graphic Designer, I always worked as a freelancer. I had several small clients, especially for branding and packaging design. In 2010 I created a small interior design firm called "Puntouno" and worked in the field for the next 6 years. I left the firm after I decided to move to Miami and start my new career in Web Design.

After I started studying again, different clients have approached me to create their digital marketing content and web pages. I have helped different small business to create their social media accounts and guided them through the first months. I would like to continue my future work in Mexico helping startups and small business to create a presence in the Web and to use successfully all the tools the new digital era is offering them.

Design never comes alone, multidisciplinary collaboration is necessary to find complex design solutions.

Web Development

Brand identity

Digital Advertising


UI/UX Design


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