Ophtalmic visual Tests
Role UX/UI Design | Graphic Design | Advertising
Tools Photoshop, Illustrator, Adobe Xd
Location/Year Miami, Fl / 2017

The Prototype

Click on the prototype to see how Spectra works.

What is Spectra

Spectra is a mobile app designed to bring basic visual tests to the user's phone. The most common vision deficiencies can be diagnosed in early stages and treated with the eye specialist. Spectra's objective is not to diagnose any deficiency but to record the evolution and progression of certain eye conditions.Spectra can be very efficient to detect early symptoms and help improve the visual acuity of the general population.

Spectra is designed to be user-friendly with middle age users and above. It can be used by any age target but is intended for the user over 40 because research shows that diseases like short arm disease and other visual disabilities are related to age.

Tests that Spectra offer

Spectra offers several tests or reading charts for different eye problems that include color blindness, presbyopia, regular reading chart tests among others.

Spectra App Interfase

Advertising the app

Spectra will only be promoted through social networks. The use of simple tests with the power of word of mouth and an extremely simple UX should generate enough buzz to make people download it.

Once the app user base is big enough the company will consider targeted promotions with doctors and a potential referral program.

Spectra IG ad

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